Richard started riding motorcycles in the early 90’s, but really got into adventure and dual-sport rides in 2007 with the purchase of a KLR650. Trips to Mexico, Utah, Mississippi, and everywhere in between have him hooked on 2-wheeled travel. Since the KLR he has owned multiple dual sport bikes with the most current being a plated XR650R.

Richard near Mena, AR

His favorite rides are a mix of rough two-track, beautiful vistas, and twisty pavement. In 2010 he started Dual Sport Events with his wife Heather.  The company ran only a few organized rides before Richard’s day-job as a geologist moved them to Denver, Colorado. Living and working in Colorado for 5 years opened the door to world-class riding opportunities…and many trips yet to come. Richard especially enjoys planning events, helping others discover the thrill of dual-sport rides, and sharing life with his wife Heather. He now resides in Texas.



Heather began her adventures with motorized toys on a 250cc four wheeler and trail rides in Colorado.  Quickly realizing the joy and increased maneuverability of a motorcycle she picked up an XR100 and began to learn to ride on 2 wheels.  From there she progressed to a TTR125 with a few adult-friendly mods like bar risers and YZ80 forks.  The electric start was a must! Recently she acquired a CRF250L to join Richard on dual-sport adventures.

She enjoys exploring the outdoors, seeing things you can’t see from a car, and always likes to end a ride with a frosty beverage and a warm shower. Heather especially has an eye towards how riders stay warm and dry. Additionally she provides unique commentary on riding motorcycles made for 6′ tall men when you’re a 5’4″ woman with a long torso and short legs.

Heather on Last Dollar Road near Telluride, CO