From the mid-1990’s the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicle (FMTV) was utilized by the US Military in a variety of forms.  It came in 2.5 ton and 5 ton configurations and served as radio station, troop transporter, crane, off-road semi, and general cargo hauler. More info is available on the wiki.

Many of these units are now in public hands and can be a suitable platform for an overland adventure vehicle.  They can be built into the ultimate off-road motorhome albeit in a loud, heavy, brutish package.

FMTV photo from Government Liquidation Auction

As of mid-2017 we don’t currently own one. This page is an effort to collect pre-purchase research into a single, easily accessible location. We hope this might be useful in your own FMTV research.



Steel Soldiers FMTV Section – military vehicle forum

Fuschia Fox – Expedition focused refurbishment of an FMTV

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Battery: 6TL, Steel Soldiers Thread, NAPA part BAT-7256

Tire 395/85R20: Michelin XML, Michelin XZL, Goodyear MV/T – Tire Opinions, GENSCO

Steel Soldiers FMTV Parts Spreadsheet



TM’s for 1078 Series Trucks

CTIS Troubleshooting guide

Motorhome self-build and optimization – Ulrich Dolde

Build Your Own Overland Camper (Haynes Manuals)


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