Hill Creek Park

The Hill Creek Park has two entrances on Slack Road just east of Whitehouse, TX. The western entrance leads to the recreation area with bathrooms, picnic area, and swimming access. The east entrance leads to a boat ramp providing shaded parking and access to Lake Tyler.

A clockwise loop of Langley Island is a scenic one hour paddle.The western shore provides views of well kept lawns and boat houses while a keen eye turned towards Langley Island will spot birds, turtles, and even a few deer. On a recent visit we saw numerous cranes and a pair of young deer nursing with their mother.

Lake Tyler West was built in 1949 and covers more than 2,200 acres. The Eastern Lake was built later in 1966 and covers an additional 2,000 acres. A detailed map of the lake can be found on the city of Tyler website.

The Hill Creek Recreation area has large picnic and swimming frontage complete with port-a-potties and trash cans.

Hill Creek recreation area

Langley Island is a 70 acre wildlife sanctuary under the care of the Tyler Audubon Society. No hunting, picnics, fires, or pets are allowed on the island, but there are several hiking trails maintained by the society.

A clockwise loop around Langley Island will give you plenty of opportunity to view wildlife.

The boat ramp provides easy access to the water as well as shaded parking.

Boat ramp at Hill Creek on Lake Tyler


Name: Hill Creek Park – Langley Island Loop, Lake Tyler

Location: 4 miles east of Whitehouse, TX

Cost: FREE

Size: Lake Tyler is 2,224 Acres

Fishing: boat ramp is popular with fisherman. Expect multiple trucks in the parking lot on the weekends

Boats: Yes, popular fishing, tubing, water skiing, but quiet in the morning

Special Note: Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife on Langley Island

Best time to go: early morning, May through September

Watch out for: boaters, wildlife

Rentals: no

Camping: not at Hill Creek Park

Also see: The Grove Restaurant in Tyler, TX.  The nachos in the BBQ joint are EXCELLENT. It’s a good place to visit after a morning paddle.


Heather enjoying the view on Lake Tyler


Photos: Richard