South Park Shuffle

138 miles from the Front Range to just east of the Continental Divide: Sedalia, Colorado to Salida, Colorado.

Fancy a hamburger and an all dirt journey across the South Park Basin to Salida?  This is your route.  The South Park Shuffle is 138 miles of dirt roads navigating the Rampart Range, Tarryall area, and South Park Basin before dropping into Salida, Colorado.


Distance: 138 miles

Best time of year: Mar-Oct, dependent on snow-melt

Popular starting point: Bud’s Bar in Sedalia, CO

Recommended gas range: 80 miles

Favorite lodging choice (Salida): Circle R Motel or Hampton Inn and Suites. Hampton Inn is across from Quincy’s, a solid local restaurant.

Favorite food and gas stops: Fuel available in Sedalia, Florissant, Hartsel, and Salida.  Burgers available at Highline Cafe and Saloon in Hartsel.  Gourmet bar-food available at The Fritz in Salida.  Try the Burger of The Day.  You won’t be disappointed!

Route Character: 90% dirt road, 5% two-track, 5% pavement

Alternate Routes: La Salle Pass Road is north of Highway 24 on the east side of the South Park Basin.  It’s fun two-track with a few rocky obstacles.

Example road surface

Much of the rock in the Rampart Range, Rainbow Falls, and Tarryall area is eroded Precambrian Age granite.  This granite erodes to fine, angular pebbles that act like marbles when dry, but are sticky when wet!


Photos: Richard